North Carolina Wall Art

North Carolina Wall Art starts its journey possibly right in your back yard. Yeah that's right, that old barn thats been sitting for years out there by the side of the road. Neglected but salvageable! We begin the process of making the North Carolina Wall Art by removing the walls off of old tobacco barns. We love using the tobacco barn because it not only gives the wood deep and rich colors, but also the most character of any wood you will find. The tobacco crop is so deep in our North Carolinian roots that we just can't let it go to waste!

After taking down the walls we remove all of the nails holding that bad boy up there. Trust me its insane. Tons of nails, staples, tin, critters, you name it! Now we get that harvested lumber loaded up on the trailer and we are off to the shop. At the shop we straight edge the boards so that they can be pressed and glued together appropriately. We like to rip down the boards to about 3" width just to give more character with each piece of North Carolina Wall Art. Once ripped down and glued up, it's on to the next step.

Glued up reclaimed wood panel

We like to make 4' by 8' panels of the boards so that they are maneuverable with two people. Plus that is the maximum size we can fit on our machine! Now we load it onto our machine and start up our program to begin the cutout of the North Carolina Wall Art. The cutout process takes around an hour to complete, then we are off to the finishing process. This is when we clean up some of the rough edges with sandpaper. To finish it off we affix a wall hanger to the back. Now it is ready for delivery!

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